Webinar - Pioneering Solutions for Regenerative Medicine: From GMP Ancillary Material to Product Analysis

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 Join us during our Live Webinar on Pioneering Solutions for Regenerative Medicine: From GMP Ancillary Material to Product Analysis


As clinical trials for cell and gene therapies continue to show promise, the cell therapy community is dedicating more attention toward identifying innovative cell manufacturing technologies that can maintain product efficacy, decrease production time, and scale supply to meet commercial demand. This entails determining stages of the production workflow where optimization is necessary, qualifying new technologies that improve that stage of the workflow, and establishing supplier relationships to secure raw materials for scale-up. During this session we will introduce Bio-Techne as an innovative solutions provider for regulatory-compliant raw materials and instrumentation across the ex vivo manufacturing workflow for stem cell and immune cell therapies.

The session will focus on:
  • Manufacturing process optimization during ex vivo expansion
  • Novel tools for cell culture optimization and cell characterization
  • Considerations for raw material sourcing, including GMP small molecules and proteins.

Scott Schachtele Ph.D.

Scott Schachtele, Ph.D.
Product Manager, Cell Culture and Regenerative Medicine

Scott Schachtele is a Product Manager for the Cell Culture and Regenerative Medicine portfolio at Bio-Techne. Scott works closely with the research teams at Bio-Techne and with industry partners to develop and offer innovative solutions that support cell, gene, and regenerative therapy manufacturing. Scott received his Ph.D. in Neuroscience and joined Bio-Techne in 2014.

Kevin Flynn, Ph.D.
Kevin Flynn, Ph.D.
Stem Cell and Gene Therapy Research and Development Manager

Kevin Flynn is the Research and Development Manager for Stem Cell and Gene Therapy at Bio-Techne. His team specializes in developing innovative cell culture tools for research and cell therapy manufacturing, with an emphasis on pluripotent stem cells and immune cells. Kevin received his Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology from Colorado State University and joined Bio-Techne in 2016.