Webinar: Visualize ASO, miRNA, and siRNA Detections with Spatial Resolution using the New miRNAscope™ Assay

Now Available On-Demand!
ACD miRNAscope Assay

Get deeper understanding of gene expression patterns by using assays that retain spatial organization at single cell resolution! ACD announces the newly launched miRNAscope™ Assay to detect ASOs, miRNAs, and siRNAs.

Join ACD scientists as they detail the miRNAscope™ Assay: a robust RNA in situ hybridization assay enabling highly sensitive and highly specific detection of ASOs, miRNAs, siRNAs, and other small RNAs (17-50nt) with spatial and morphological context at single cell resolution.

During the webinar, we will cover:

  • Introduction to the miRNAscope technology and workflow
  • Key applications that necessitate the use of the miRNAscope Assay
  • Key benefits of the miRNAscope Assay for your research


Helly Pimentel, MBA

Helly Pimentel, MBA
Product Manager
Advanced Cell Diagnostics, A Bio-Techne Brand


Miguel Mata, Ph.D.
Miguel Mata, Ph.D.
Scientist at Advanced Cell Diagnostics, A Bio-Techne Brand