Habitat for Disease: Disrupting the Tumor Microenvironment

TME eBook

In this eBook, find sought-after answers to key questions attributable to the following six decisive challenges researchers studying the tumor microenvironment face:

Cell Culture
How can I generate high-fidelity data to translate 2D in vitro findings confidently?

Tumor Modeling
How can I improve the translational value of results obtained from 2D cell culture?

Spatial Organization
How can I thoroughly characterize what is known to be a spatially chaotic niche?

Cell Heterogeneity
How can I quantitatively measure heterogeneity and relate it to a functional change?

Soluble Factors
How can I meaningfully assess cell-secreted factors that counteract or promote tumor growth?

Signaling Networks
How can I effectively dissect signaling pathways to uncover novel therapeutic targets in the tumor microenvironment?