Webinar: ACD's ISH Assay Service - High Resolution Image Data in as Little as 4 Weeks

June 30, 2020 @ 10:00 – 11:00am BST, 11:00am – 12:00pm CET
ACD'S ISH Assay Service Image

If you missed the first webinar here's your chance to join for the second broadcast with a live Q&A session!

What will you learn?

Our Pharma Assay Services is the only CRO specialized in visualizing and quantifying AAV and lentiviral-based gene and cell therapies in the tissue microenvironment. This webinar will introduce our services, including quantitative image analysis capabilities and quality-controlled tissue bank for target validation.

Learning Objectives:

• Biomarker validation to accelerate translation of assays into clinical development
• Gene therapy applications - morphology-based biodistribution analysis of AAV vector and transgene expression
• CAR-T and TCR-T cell tumor infiltration and activity assays
• Detection of splice variants, point mutations and short target sequences with BaseScopeTM ISH assays
• Validated ISH/IHC protocols for co-detection of biomarkers and immune cell markers
• The quality-controlled tissue bank including solid tumors, normal human tissues, and TMAs
• Tissue sourcing and QC services for delivery of tissues with verified RNA quality for use in-house by our customers.
• Best practices for RNAscopeTM image analysis with review of available methods for data interpretation and scoring


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Mansi Garg
Sr. Manager, Project Operations, Advanced Cell Diagnostics