Organoid and Stem Cell Virtual Workshop

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LSCN – Bio-Techne Organoid Virtual Workshop

Bio-Techne is proud to be partnering with the London Stem Cell Network (LSCN) to present our first Stem Cell and Organoid Virtual Workshop. Please join us for this exciting event to learn more from leading experts on the advances in stem cells and organoids to help further your projects.

The workshop will include several different streams:

• An academic or research focus that incudes a live lab demo from our scientists in HQ
• A translational stream focusing on overcoming the clinical challenges of stem cell therapy
• A spotlight on industry, specifically looking at how screening therapeutics with organoid models may pave the way forward for therapies

We will be finishing the event with an interactive Q&A session, providing you the chance to pose questions to the panel of experts from academia, industry, and the clinic.

Between sessions, we shall be hosting a virtual British-style pub quiz for all participants – attendees will have the chance of being crowned the winner in the prize draw finale!

We look forward to welcoming you!

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The London Stem Cell Network is an international platform for research groups working across universities and institutes. The LSCN aims to provide a networking platform for the research community through events including workshops on specific stem cell-related areas and annual symposia. The ultimate goal of the LSCN is to highlight the wide breadth of stem cell research performed and facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration.


Introduction by Yas Heidari (Bio-Techne), and Rob Hynds (LSCN)

“Intestinal Tissue Engineering for Children with Intestinal Failure”
Dr Vivian Li, Crick Institute, London, UK

Quiz Round 1: Oxford


“Inflammatory Niches Direct Lung Regeneration”
Dr Joo-Hyeon Lee, Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK

Quiz Round 2: Minneapolis


“Comparison of DNA Damage Responses Between 2D and 3D Human Hepatic Cell Models Using the CometChip™ Assay”
Dr Xiaoqing Guo, Food And Drug Association (FDA), Jefferson, US.


“The CometChip™ Assay and its Application in the Detection of DNA Damage in Lung Organoids”
Dr Cyrus Munshi, Bio-Techne, MN, US joining us direct from the lab to demonstrate CometChip technology

Quiz Round 3: Bristol 


Stem Cell Translational Stream, hosted by Dr Lindsey Clarke, Bio-Techne
A panel of industry and academic experts performing translational research discuss how stem cell therapy may help solve some of the key challenges around delivering therapies at scale such as having a universal donor, standardizing products, and one chance manufacturing of single batches.

Dr Stefan Braam, CEO of Ncardia
Dr Amanda Carr, Lecturer, Pete Coffey Lab, Institute of Ophthalmology, UCL 
Mr Tristan Pritchard-Moore, Necstgen 
Dr Jiagang ‘Jack’ Zhao, CEO of Alpine BioTherapeutics

4:30- 4:50pm

Grand Q&A Panel


Quiz awards and closing of session by Yas Heidari (Bio-Techne), and Rob Hynds (LSCN)